define authoritative parenting style

Which Parenting Style Produces the Best Results?

While it may seem silly to begin planning one's parenting style when they are just beginning to experience hot flashes when pregnant, this is actually the most opportune time. There are many schools of thought on parenting and it is up to each parent to make their decision on their preferred style. Though there are many parenting styles people use to guide their children, there is one that seems to offer better results. Many parents are choosing the authoritative parenting style because it encourages good behavior, emotional stability, and academic success.

When people define authoritative parenting style, they see this as a style that focuses on conversation. An authoritative parent does not simply spell out the rules and demand they be followed, they engage their child in conversation and encourage them to express their emotions even when their parent must discipline them. This type of parenting style creates strong bonds between a parent and a child.

Children who are raised by authoritative parents feel secure because they know their parents will meet all of their needs, including physical and emotional. The word authoritarian sometimes throws people off because it sounds like dictatorship. While an authoritarian parent does make demands, they never force their child to do something they truly do not want to do.

In this style of parenting, children are encouraged to make their own decisions while under the protective guard of their parents. Since the parents are not fully controlling a child's life, the child is able to learn the importance of each decision they make. Many research studies have concluded empowering children with the ability to make their own decisions increases their confidence and self-esteem. Children handle social pressures more effectively and experience greater success in their academics. These children are also less likely to act out or participate in risky behaviors.

If you are a mom to be, consider this parenting style and research the other three to make a determination on which style will offer you and your family the best results. It is important to choose a style and stick with it for consistency. When parents are consistent, they are able to more effectively guide their children.